Agate Lake Sept 9th 2014

 We are at the end of the season and we are closing down the system.  As you can see, we took  all the water we could out of Agate Reservoir and the intake structure is above the water line. 

agate reservoir 


2014 WATER SEASON UPDATE, July 28, 2014

This season we have been experiencing many runs of 100+ degree days and more high temperature days are predicted.  It has been challenging to say the least, demand goes up and evaporation losses increase on our canals and reservoirs.  The current draw on our reservoirs are going as expected, RRVID is anticipating shutting off the system sometime between the first to the middle of September.  This will be dependent on our draws for the second half of August.  RRVID patron cooperation continues to be good and the District staff is very appreciative of your understanding.  

If the current conditions persist, this coming Fall and Winter seasons will start with drastically low reservoir levels.  Let's all hope for a wet winter and spring with plenty of snow pack in the mountains heading into next year.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding,

Manager Hampson


2014 WATER SEASON,  April 2014

The tentative start date for the 2014 water season is April 15, 2014 

To all water patrons,

As you are aware, this water year has been extremely dry and at this point it is one of the driest years on record and shortages are a possibility. Rogue River Valley Irrigation District is optimistic that we will still have a few more good storms coming through the valley that can change our current supply for the better. 

RRVID was able to carry over approximately 3,200 A.F. in Emigrant from last year, but we were not so fortunate to be able to do the same in Fishlake and Fourmile Reservoirs.  Both Fishlake and Fourmile require snow pack to fill and as of right now we are only 31% of normal which means these two reservoirs will not fill this year. 

RRVID staff and Board of Directors have a constant watch on the snow pack, precipitation and reservoir supply.  As we firm up and stabilize, that is when the decisions will be made concerning whether cut backs or allotment changes are necessary. 

Once the season starts we are asking that all water users do everything possible to conserve as much water as they can.  This means keeping in touch with our district staff as to irrigation needs and letting staff know when you are done irrigating so we can get the water moved to the next user.  Do not run water off and keep delivery ditches clean and free from debris to move water more efficiently.  Keep sprinkler nozzles in good condition and replace worn nozzles with new ones.  Move wheel lines and hand lines more often than every 12 hours and do not over-graze pastures. 

If we all do our part, RRVID feels that we can still have a successful 2014 irrigation season. 

Good luck and lets all work together!

Manager Hampson