The current agenda will be posted here the Friday before each Monthly Board Meeting is scheduled.



November 8, 2017 Rogue River Valley Irrigation District


1:30 p.m. -- Board Meeting CALL TO ORDER by President

ROLL CALL: Office Administrator


A.  Minutes:

            1.  Approve and Sign the October 2017 Minutes

B.  Financials:

            1.  Checking Transactions for October 2017

            2.  Approve the Transfer of Funds for November Expenses

            3.  Financial Statements for October 2017

C. New Business:

            1.  Approve 2018 Budget

D.  Old Business:

            1. WISE

            2. Klamath Adjudication

            3. Bi-Op

              4 .  Bradshaw Drop Piping Project

 E.  Manager Report:

            1. Manager Comments

            2.  Tea Cup Diagram